It seems so simple yet so hard.  Everyone says it so nonchalantly, “keep it moving”.  Yet it doesn’t happen as much as it should because a lot of people are stuck, figuratively and sometimes literally.  I’ve been there before, and depending on what facet of life we’re talking about I’m still there.  But why?! Why are we stuck? Literally everything in life is in motion.  The earth is spinning, that’s why we have night and day, and it’s moving around the sun(orbiting), that’s why we have seasons.  It seems slow, but it’s not at all-the earth spins at 1000mph, and orbits at 67,000 mph.  Of course, we don’t feel this motion, just like I don’t feel my brain sending electric signals at ridiculous speeds to my fingers to type this.  What about when I’m sleeping, where my brain is more active than when I’m awake. I said everything is in literal motion as you see it and it’s true.  There are atomic particles that are constantly in motion in and around everything you touch, see, eat, drink etc, even the solid things. I DON’T BELIEVE IT! Well my friend, it’s true, and if you don’t want to believe me, buy a really expensive microscope and see for yourself, or visit a school with one and ask them to show you.

So what now, what are you saying Prince?  If everything is moving, why are we stuck? We as in black people, white people, green people, the world in general. Why are we stuck in our ways? Some people are stuck for reasons undefinable, some definable, but in my experience people are stuck because they complicate it. Don’t complicate it!! Someone who’s overweight wants to shake off the pounds….Move, either to the gym, or doctor or to the healthier food aisles in the store or do all those things, because there is no magic solution to any problem.  Speaking of losing weight, most people who are overweight don’t really know how to get the weight off, because they are stuck, either in the same methods of trying to lose weight or doing nothing.  Some overweight people actually have medical causes to their condition, but because they are stuck doing the same gym routine or eating the same things, or thinking the same things, they don’t accomplish their goal.

There is so much more to moving that most people can understand, and at the same time it’s so simple.  How do I move? Don’t complicate it!! Try something new and stick with it, and in time add a little more to the new.


Don’t workout right now, start working out 1 minute a day for 3 days a week.  What’s 1 minute? Who can’t spare 1 minute? Before you know it, you’ll get used to the 1 minute and it’ll feel like nothing.  After a week, add 1 more minute.  It is a really slow way to build up exercise time, but if you don’t exercise regularly now, it probably didn’t happen overnight, neither will exercising regularly.  KEEP IT MOVING!  You already workout? Try a new workout one day every other week, so you don’t get bored.

Of course there are bigger things than exercise, so I will cover more in time. KEEP IT MOVING!!


Keep it Moving

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