We have it all! Clothes, swagger-I mean swag, myths about sexual prowess, the NFL, the NBA, athleticism, “black quarterbacks”, Beats headphones, Jordans, soulful voices, badonks, tattoos, bling earrings, snapbacks, an aggressive image, fitteds, turning up, club on a Tuesday, Drake, Lil wayne, Beyonce etc. But what don’t we have? Good credit, education, wealth, good English, good manners, professionalism, the ability to talk about anything other than sex, drugs and rock and roll(hip hop), sports, love and hip hop, the ability to deeply appreciate or embrace something not made or embraced by other black people, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers, an open mind, the desire and excitement to learn, because WE KNOW WHAT WE KNOW.  Go listen to Chris Rock and his bit about blacks vs niggas.

I don’t want to revisit why and how we got here, black history month covered that.  I don’t want to talk about obstacles, because all races and species have them, had them, and will have them. I want to talk about Black Future Month. March is now Black Future Month, because I said so. So how do we keep it moving?

You have to know to grow.  You have to KNOW to grow. Know-ledge and the pursuit of it.. The black race has come so far, yet there is so much further to go.  The beauty of humanity is our diversity, and the beauty of diversity is not about superiority or which tribe is better than the other.  Unfortunately, a white person saying black people have problems is for some undefinable reason wrong, when compared to a black person saying the same.  You know that feeling when someone says something about your family and you defend them even though they spoke the truth? It’s something in human nature to defend your “family”, but what if your family lets you down ? What if you want to grow and they don’t? What if you like hip-hop but also like country(music that is not “black”)? What if you do things or like things most other black people do? Is it wrong of you to say your family has failed you because they don’t accept you? How many times have you heard or worse, said, ‘he’s acting white’, or ‘that’s not black music’, or ‘we don’t do that because it’s not us’? So good credit is only for white people? All the wealth too? Or maybe sushi? Or tipping at a restaurant(I don’t mean $5 on everything, I MEAN 15% or more)? Or stocks? Or playing a guitar or violin? Or not showing your underwear when you dress? Or liking things beyond what “black” people like? See for us to grow, we have to enjoying knowledge or simply put, learning.  Eminem is the best rapper, probably ever, because when he writes his lyrics he learns how to put together compound syllables that rhyme, and his subject matter is more than bitches, cars and clothes, and he shows vulnerability, and etc.  How many rappers show vulnerability? Rappers are super masculine, never show emotion, never lose, never will lose, all rich, all the “best” and “greatest” as they all proclaim, all have the most wonderful sex ever everyday and night-all night etc. How many rappers get into the science of their song besides the eminems, kanye wests, dr. dres and all the hip-hop scientists as I’d like to call them.. I get it when rappers like soulja boy come out and make music to get out of tough financial situations. I GET IT and truth be told, it’s enjoyable. But when the money comes, what needs to come after if not before is knowledge.  This applies to all black people, not just rappers, especially athletes(a good percentage go broke after they finish playing).

To a lot of black people, money is the thing that has held us back, but it really isn’t.  It’s knowledge.  So we can say poor education is the problem and I agree in principle, but…….It’s 2015, the Samsung note that I’m writing this on can buy me 3 laptops, and can surf the internet to say the least.  The internet, when used correctly, can replace whatever education schools can’t give you.  YouTube alone has millions of videos from people like me who love to explain something—free of charge.  FREE of charge. By the way, those videos aren’t as quick to make as it looks, but we do it for whatever reason, either for fame or the good of the people or sometimes both.  You can even go to websites and ask specific questions and someone will reply to your question.

So why do people black people still lack knowledge about important things in life? To be honest, some of us including me, know better but don’t always do better.  That’s a human nature thing.  But some of us are also insane, where we do the same thing and think something will change.  So I’m gonna wake up and smoke weed(or turn up) sit here and do nothing and somehow I’m gonna be rewarded with the riches of the world? Or better yet, I’ll find a passion or career that I want to do for the rest of my life because today I’m going to think really hard about  what I want to do and figure it out.  News flash, life does not work like that.. Most people don’t know their final destination, and it’s okay not to, just keep it MOVING.

MOTIONHQ-Keep it moving: Black People

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