Have you ever received an apology that changed your day, week or even your life?

That didn’t make you more annoyed or totally unsatisfied?

Have you ever had an apology that ticked all the boxes of sincerity, understanding, and brevity?

That showed the person actually thought about what you said/happened?

That you didn’t have to ask or they didn’t have to say they would make it up to you, you just knew they would?

Have you ever had an apology that soothed all fears of the situation being untenable, whereby guaranteeing its demise?

That caressed your ego, yet made you wonder if bringing up your grievance to this seemingly angelic presence makes you a jerk/idiot?

That made you want to say and truly mean let bygones be bygones?

That made you want to go back to everyone else that had ever apologized to you and tell them to try again?

That awoke something in your sensibilities that said, “I feel good about where this is going”?

That didn’t happen after you had to convince someone for days and weeks that what they did was no bueno?

That said, “you better not be a fraud because I’m lost in your humility”?

That endeared you to your subject in a way that made you want to please them and be at their will?

That made you want to alleviate any feelings of guilt or embarrasment they may be carrying in reaction to the grievance you brought to their attention?

That made you want to book a flight out of town just to accept this apology in person and show the gratitude you feel?

That made you excited about what they would do to make it up to you, because of the kindred spirit they showed?

If your boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, best friend, cousin’s sister’s aunt can’t deliver apology of this magnitude, I’m sorry(pun intended), they need to go.

I Apologize

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