I’m sorry you had to go through that but…..BE SMARTER PEOPLE

I’m sorry kid. I’m sorry because that was embarrassing, painful and traumatic…but I have a nephew a year younger than you.  If he had the nerve to tell a police officer to get off him, I’d tell the officer to get out of the way and beat him myself. Respect your elders, respect authority, and respect yourself and family. It seems as if you haven’t been disciplined enough.  I have and I dare not tell my mom, “Get off me”. As it turns out my mom was the authority in the household, and at times it was my aunt, or older brothers or any adult for that matter. When I leave the house, the police are. Respect them. Even if you’re right, respect them and obey them. I’m still sorry for your pain, because all I wanted to do after hearing your crying was comfort you like the kid you are.

For the lady yelling “That’s a kid!!” Because he’s a kid should mean he respects his elders even more, regardless of what he did or didn’t do. Yelling at the cops doesn’t fix anything, it only aggravates the situation. Your actions did nothing to calm the situation, only serving to convince this kid that he’ll win over a police officer with a baton, taser and gun. The officer obviously showed restraint.  It’s hard not to when a kid is crying, but a crying kid doesn’t justify the kid wrestling the baton. You should’ve yelled at the kid to stop fighting the cop. That’s how you’d get him to respect authority, and maybe also convince him in the process that his life matters. He won nothing, but if he had obliged to the officer and the situation was unjustified, the situation could’ve been escalated in a legal and civil manner.

Mr. officer, not sure what you did or didn’t do right when you approached this kid, but from my experience, jaywalking just seems like a money grab. I’ve been given a jaywalking ticket before and I was so shocked that I couldn’t even be angry. I thought it was a joke until he handed it to me. There was no traffic at all, mid-morning, four-lane road. I could’ve taken baby steps and a car wouldn’t have come by(I’m probably exaggerating a little). I never paid the ticket. I forgot to. I hope our government has more to do than prosecute me or take me to collections for a silly jaywalking ticket.


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