The right way to challenge a cop

The cops did their job. Corey did his job. Good job all around! Let’s celebrate, no one died!

Few points to be made.

  1. I’d be concerned if someone was jogging at 12:30 am regardless of race or other factors.
  2. I’d be annoyed at being pulled over, but the cops have the right(although it can be ridiculous) to stop people and get their id.
    1. It’s a right aimed to protect people, but it can be really annoying because if you’re innocent you feel stopped unnecessarily.
  3. Engage police, talk to them, befriend them. Innocent people don’t need to hide from cops. Plus even if you’re not innocent, they’ll see you more humanly. Not suggesting you befriend a cop to get away with crime, but cops are human, they have friends and family who break the law all the time. Some crimes are minor and they’ll probably look the other way.
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